Design patterns to craft green messages into games and reduce production impact.

Pausing Properly
If your game is paused, why render it at full resolution? How Halo Infinite saved massive amounts of electricity in no time.
Reduce Electricity Use at Runtime
Video games use electricity. But how much? Measure and act to drastically reduce your game's direct footprint.
Power-Saving Mode
Add an" Eco mode" in console or games settings to save power.
Miracle Ports
Bring the extra optimization done for console or mobile ports back to high-end devices.
Slow the Technology Arms Race
Fight device obsolescence, reduce e-waste and prove once and for all that beefier hardware doesn't make for better games.
Cleaning Up Your Data Storage Policy
Data storage needs energy: the more data you store, the higher your emissions.
System Realism
Simulations that directly and accurately reflect a real-world system can build incredibly rich system knowledge.
Collecting Scientific Data
Game designers can gamify the collection of data such as gas levels, electrical consumption, and water quality. 
Experimentation & Inquiry
Experiment-based gameplay leads to model-based reasoning and systematic knowledge.
Origins of Lanayru Desert
That time when Zelda offered an environmental parable.
Optional HD Assets
The highest resolution is not unanimously desired! If you run an older PC, have a slow internet connection, or even […]
Virtual Pandemic, Real Insight
Developers can ground games in real Earth science and data, rather than making them purely fictional. Plague Inc. isn’t just […]
Settle With Care
What does a settler game that takes environmental consequences into account look like?
Beyond Target Framerate
Most game developers are already great at optimizing our games to save limited resources – how else would we get […]
Low-End Support
Developers should aim to always release on multiple platforms at once: it doesn’t only increase the reach of our potential […]
Graphical Sufficiency
Picking the right art style from the start makes it much easier to both Reduce Electricity Use at Runtime and […]
Honest Power Options
Your “Options” screen is a great opportunity to educate players about the impact that each graphics setting has on power […]
How Many Pixels Do You Need?
Resolution is the best predictor of electricity use. By setting dynamic limits, Fortnite ensured that it never draws a sharper image than the game needs.
Don’t Leave the Engine Running
By simply adjusting image output while players were idling, Fortnite was able to save a whole wind farm's worth of electricity.