Cleaning Up Your Data Storage Policy

Data storage needs energy: the more data you store, the higher your emissions.

  • Do you need copies or even copies of
    copies of files, or do you need to send as
    many email attachments?
  •  Speak to your server providers to find
    out how they sustainably consume and
    store data. Ask three questions of them:

    • What’s the carbon footprint of our
      cloud computing deployment?
    • Are there regions or data centres I
      can use that are more sustainable than
    • How can I improve the energy
      efficiency of my cloud deployment?
  • Find savings in your cloud costs; the
    more you spend with your cloud
    provider, the higher your emissions are
    likely to be.
  • Can you use the latest compression
    standard for your storage/ back-up and
    choose energy efficient storage media?
  • Make sure that you have a
    consolidated and central data storage
    process, rather than have the same files
    or assets saved per-team or individual.
  • Make sure that your server is actually
    delivering needed and valuable
    computing or data storage – you can
    read an interesting case study here:
    Comatose-Servers-Redux-2017.pdf (

This use case was extracted from the GreenGamesGuide (by Ukie)