Reduce Internet Traffic
Downloading data from the internet uses electricity, so game developers of all sizes would do well to minimize the amount […]
Reduce your studio carbon footprint
Reduce the carbon emission of each step of the game industry lifecycle, from raw materials extraction to game data storage.
Reduce Electricity Use at Runtime
Video games use electricity. But how much? Measure and act to drastically reduce your game's direct footprint.
Normalize Green Tech
Showing how green tech increases energy security, prevents environmental disasters, and decreases harm to local communities can help players understand why this innovation matters.
Foster New Eco-Masculinities
Healthy eco-masculinity can enable people to feel comfortable expressing their concern for the environment without fear of disrespect, isolation, or harm.
Celebrate Indigenous Wisdom
Indigenous communities protect 90% of the planet's remaining biodiversity, with long-standing practices that enrich climate action.
Showcase a Climate Solution
Normalize real-world climate solutions by incorporating them into your world lore, story, and/or game mechanics.
Reveal Costs of Extraction
Challenge age-old gaming tropes to remind players that nothing lasts forever and that pillaging nature's pantry has consequences!
Acknowledge the Climate Emergency
"The most important thing you can do for climate - talk about it" Dr Katharine Hayhoe
Imagine a Sustainable Future
Unlike dystopias featuring urban decay and corruption, solarpunk helps us imagine worlds where crises are solved with camaraderie and ingenuity.
Facilitate Grief for the World
The climate crisis is a major existential threat that can be very overwhelming. Games and storytelling can help us process emotions into action.
Erode Social License
Call out the corruption, deceit and propaganda of polluting industries, real or fictional, and help ruin their hard-won prestige in the real world!
Inspire Collective Action
Remind players that changing the world takes more than gaming's usual individualist heroics - lasting change comes from whole communities acting together.
Elevate Environmental Champions
Let players into the minds of heroes who stand up for the planet and future generations to inspire them to be courageous.
Highlight Sustainable Behaviour
Enabling players to experience sustainable lifestyles in fictional worlds can prime them into bringing that mindset into everyday life.
Forge Emotional Bonds with Nature
Helping ourselves feel connected to nature has been proven to help us feel happier, less stressed, and more creative.