Make HD assets optional during initial download
The highest resolution is not unanimously desired! If you run an older PC, have a slow internet connection, or even […]
Build for light patches
Prep your game so you can upload neat patches instead of having to replace huge chunks of the game each time.
Delicious plant-based food
Cooking systems that dabble in plant-based food can both inspire and teach real recipes.
Repair, Re-use, Recycle
In-game economies can be circular economies - build player habits of repair and re-use, and raise the value of junk.
Kind is the new Cool
Kindness can move mountains.
Improve your data storage policies
Data storage needs energy: the more data you store, the higher your emissions.
Release on previous generation devices
Fight device obsolescence and reduce e-waste by releasing games on previous generation devices as well.
Fold porting optimisations back into the main SKU
Bring the extra optimization done for console or mobile ports back to high-end devices.
Add a power saving mode
Add an" Eco mode" in console or games settings to save power.
Incorporating Tradition
Games can actively further the teachings of indigenous peoples, with great benefits for sustainability.
The Rise of World Games
Games can honor the cultures of indigenous peoples across the world, and bring them to life in a new way.
Survival Without Fossil Fuels
Survival games can think seriously about which methods of power generations are available to the player, and how they're portrayed.
Renewable Worldbuilding
Visions of a renewable future can come from the most unexpected games.
Knowing is Half the Battle
Transformers: Earth War added a new mini-campaign to talk about renewable energy.
Reclaiming History
How can settler games avoid their colonial baggage and tell new stories about land and who owns it?
The Extinction Achievement
Extinction mechanics, even when used ironically, are great at reminding players that no resource is limitless.
Settle With Care
What does a settler game that takes environmental consequences into account look like?
Origins of Lanayru Desert
That time when Zelda offered an environmental parable.
Making Friends on the Fury Road
Signs of the Sojourner understands that community is a renewable resource.
Grief as a Game Mechanic
Signs of the Sojourner has an environmental grief system that both breaks us down and ties us together.
The Tragedy of Galarian Corsola
When coral bleaching came to Pokémon.
Meaning in a World of Ruin
Game worlds can be "transapocalyptic" - places that have collapsed, yet they still exist and they are still worth fighting for.
Braving the Lost Forest
When Monument Valley 2 made us think like a tree.
Anthropomorphize Everything?
Anything can engender empathy if you put enough human features on it - so when should you?
Save the Sperm Whales
Beyond Blue has the player studying a specific pod of sperm whales and investigating sound pollution that disturbs their life.
Put Down Your Tools
When your release day coincides with the world's largest climate protest, what do you prioritize?
The Threat Multiplier
Games like Battlefield 2042 embody the risk of climate wars being fought in the near future. Or are they already here?
Movement Building Games
Meet the games that lay the foundation for a new genre of movement building.
Shinra: The Face of Colonialism
Final Fantasy VII provided us with one of popular culture's most devastating caricatures of capitalism, colonialism and greed.
Oil Ocean Zone
Associating your villain with fossil fuel production has always been a classy move.
Dirty Politics
Based on real events, Deal: A Green New Election puts players on a collision course with the frustrations of fossil fuel money in US politics
Calling Out Fossil Fuel Corruption
In the world of Oiligarchy, addiction is the goal.
Fighting Oil Pipelines
If you wonder whether your game is making a difference, the oil industry fighting back is the clearest signal you can ask for.
Making an Activist
Nobody has to face the crisis alone. Role-playing games have a long history of challenging individualism.
Uniting the Galaxy
Description pending…
It Takes A Village
Even in single-player, single-protagonist games, stories where communities act together for change can be powerful.
Nobody is Too Small
Who can be an environmental hero? Games can show us the obvious answer: you.
Picking Up the Trash
Description pending
Onscreen Eco-lifestyles
Players can try out less resource-intense ways of living with digital roleplaying.