Playing a game is often tied to feelings of escapism, immersion in alternate worlds – where the stress of the real world can be put on pause. Why, then, should we as an industry care about the climate crisis?


Over 40% of the world’s population are highly vulnerable to climate change. Without adaptation, the places where we live and work may cease to exist – alongside the ecosystems and species we’ve grown up with.


To reach 3 billion players, we need to meet players where they are. If regional safety, security, and tech access are disrupted by extreme weather events, we limit our addressable market – blocking new players from entering our ecosystem.


Of 1.2 million mobile game players, 64% believe climate change is a global emergency. About 7 in 10 players in the United States are worried about it. About 3 in 4 players in the United States consider the issue to be important to them personally.


14% of the world’s living species face a high risk of extinction if the world warms by 1.5C. Many creatures in vulnerable biodiversity hotspots are expected to double in extinction risk if we exceed 2C – and 10x if beyond that.


People are increasingly seeking work that aligns to their core values. More are interested in employers with strong environmental agendas- and those who can enable them to live and work where they may experience lower climate-related health risks.


4 in 10 players in the United States believe the gaming industry has a responsibility to take action and reduce its emissions. More than 4 in 10 players say they have actively punished companies by not buying their products at least once as a result of inaction.

The climate crisis is not a hyperbole.

  • We can’t make games if our homes and offices are flooded, on fire, or aren’t built to insulate us from extreme heat.
  • We can’t play, download, or stream our games if our power grids are disrupted by challenges for which they weren’t prepared.
  • We can’t sell our games if players are dealing with severe weather, food shortages, and limited access to clean water.
  • We won’t care about reserving the next cutting-edge game or next-gen console if we only have the energy to focus on keeping ourselves and our families safe.

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